Friday, January 23, 2009

Life in Secondary School - The Big crush.

Listening to (“chopped and screwed” by t-pain ft. Ludacris)

As Unibend refused to resume till next month, I findd myself jobless and very idle and my neighbor (the yahoo boy) is also in a rough spot due to the global financial crisis, so his magas ain't paying like that which means he has to cut back on the browsing from 24 hours to like 2-3 hours a day which means less free wireless for me! (Can you imagine) this guy is tempting me to get a zoom data card, 1 more straw ehn...
Now I’ve been keeping myself busy with the new pc and all that but believe me, a new pc can be tiring… you have to update this and that transfer this and that. So I decided to take a break and do something different like… clean my room and remove some excess junk (now I have a bad habit of being too attached to my stuff so even if its bad I just cant bring myself to throwing anything away). So I was going through a box like that where I keep my old documents and I saw my copy of my sets valedictory program and some ‘slum books’ (crude year book) I kept way back then, when I stumbled upon a name that I never thought I would never forget. Now, let’s call her wande (lame I know but that’s the first name that popped into my head) anyway from the first time I saw her I fell in love with her heart shaped face and the works and over the years she bloomed into someone who haunted my dreams… I mean it was BAD, the mere mention of her name left me smiling like a roasted goats head, I couldn’t eat or sleep whenever I thought about her, and when I did I had dreams/fantasies about her (remove your mind from the gutter) of us getting married, having kids, I could do anything to see her face, yada yada yada… boy was I wrong!
Against my better judgment, I listened to one boy like that who claimed to know her friend who told him how she was always checking me out, talking about me, liking me and all that… you know the drill anyway I don’t know what got into me that day I swear cupid must have shot a nuke through my heart because I still don’t know where I chopped liver from that day… gosh was I in for a surprise so on that fateful Saturday, I saw her walking with some of her friends and thought that it had to be now or never, with my friends ‘gingering’ me and all I approached her and we got talking and I started pouring out my lyrics (the ones crammed from pointless books and hints from my friends etc like I like u more than my mother… yeah I know, I was pretty lame back then!!) I finally asked her out and her face froze like “what the …” and then I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me and she was like “imagine (calling her friends) see who is asking me out, scarletboy of all people, am I that ugly ehn has it gotten that bad” and she and her friends laughed and walked away. I was so near tears and to make matters worse my friends were watching and on seeing the way things played out started laughing and jeering so I did the only rational thing, I just ran…………… I later got to find out that she was dating one senior like that and she actually reported me to him and thus began the worst 3 years of my life because the senior suddenly had a thing for me! (U for fear beef now)And it wasn’t long before the news went round school (thanks to my silly friends) and I was virtually hounded till I graduated (3 years later!). And I thought that was the end of that chapter… Anyway our paths crossed last year at a friends party, and after the usual questions and gist and all that we now got talking and all for her to tell me that she had truly liked me but her friends had sort of been rooting for the senior guy because he was always taking them out and stuff and she still had feelings for me… I was in a kind of dilemma, now here was the girl of my dreams practically asking me out I nearly said yes… but then I already had a girl. So I told her the truth which was that I still liked her but I couldn’t do it to the other love of my life (my ex) so we should just remain friends, my answer really hurt her because she left the party not long afterward… I still feel for her and occasionally call her to relieve my conscience, maybe I’ll try to rekindle things now I’m single…

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Blues...

Written on Tuesday 20-01-09
As I watch President Barack Obama take his oath of office I cannot help but wonder if I am still dreaming… I remember clearly when he was still running against sen. Hilary Clinton for the party ticket and I thought of his whole ambition as a ruse or better still a fools dream. I remember heated arguments with my friends outlining how he would fail in the race, little was I to know that I would eat my words later. Not only did he win his party’s ticket, but he went on to win the presidential election!! Now to some people it might not look like a big deal but I can feel the joy and pride of every single black of more preferably “African American”, these were people who started voting around 1965 and 44 years later produced a president. I can understand why the Rev. Jesse Jackson was in tears when he was announced the winner of the presidential election; this was someone who stood with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. when he made the “I have a dream” speech… I understand why 80% of the people who gathered at the Capitol Hill were in tears because 30 or 40 years ago even dreaming of something like this was impossible… In short I am so overwhelmed that I’m sure I’m blabbing but anyone who in the words of my pastor has “keyed in” will understand how I feel right now. So now I salute Mr. Barack Husein Obama, the 44th President of America.
Om a lighter note I remember when obama won his election, I was reading for my second semester exams in my favorite classroom, when someone walked into the class and started giving an unwanted “motivational” speech, now I have always asked anyone I meet whenever I remember why Nigerians are the greatest motivational speakers? I have seen some “get rich” seminars where the speakers who claim to be able to show people the secret of wealth are often some scruffy looking “mo fo”. Anyway back to what I was saying… Ehen, the guy after giving his speech and inviting us for his seminar (that’s his own get rich strategy) told us to believe, citing obama as an example; he stated that for America to have a black president, anything is possible. That now England can now have a BLACK KING AND QUEEN!!! HABA!!!!! It’s like saying that the next James bond will be a black man, or the next president of Nigeria will be WHITE (well….. in naija anything is possible) and that’s not even possible, well you trust Nigerians…..

That Mo fo from New Year’s Day still met me in church on Sunday, asking me if I have a problem with him. I nearly head butted the a*****e, but in the spirit of the season I decided to let him be. My ex called again “asking how I was”, (yeah right!) Resumptions been postponed to next month (Feb.), can you imagine ehn, unibend doesn’t want me to chase any jambite this year!! And this means I’m spending Valentines Day in lag (thank God) and my Dad started my year on a good note… He bought me a new laptop computer! And finaly,on a sad note, I regret to announce the passing away of my ipod nano, she was 2 years old and is survived by a pair of earphones, usb cord and plastic case. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year New Wahala!!!

Started the new year on a good note, or more specifically I prayed my way into 2009 and thought at least this was a good sign… boy was I wrong (im still praying against it sha)
I lost my temper by 1.30am when one punkass decided it was time to open the sewer he calls his mouth and say something silly! Well, I sorta lost it and in order not to cause a scene I walked up to him and told him to stick a cork in his mouth if u get my drift and I actually felt good…Left church and avoided 2 head to head accidents asin are people after me?

I decided to spend the day inside with my dad u know just have a very quiet day, so we did it the normal way champagne and lots of huggs… But later on I changed my mind and decided to hang out with some friends till 9, anyway I thought that was the end of a very ordinary day… Boy was I WRONG, I woke up with a start around 2am and found it difficult to go back to sleep. I had the same dream i’ve been having for the past 7-8 months, in this dream I see myself with my EX trying to work things out (as in get back and stuff) but it never ends well cos something always goes wrong… guess we‘re still not meant to be.
I wonder why I still have this dream, is it a sign of things to come or even in the dream world where anything is possible and I mean anything, it still cant happen, or my heads simply messing with me? (cos I spoke to her yesterday)… well im yet to find out. Anyway it was a very crappy end to a very normal day, but the truths that Im thankful I had that dream cos in the wee hours of this morning I finally decided to stop living in the fools paradise I created for myself and simply face the fact that some things are better left the way they are to prevent what some of my friends call ’’falling hand’’ and if I realy love or claim to love her then I should be able to perform the ultimate sacrifice which is to let her go…
So im going back to the long dusty path of recovery……………..wish me luck

I also had a dream that some girl ive never met (according to the dream) came to my place with her family and told me she was pregnant for me. See me see trouble, u go fear 30mins prayer .

Have a wonderful 2009 or in the words of my pastor 2009ice