Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Year Resolution

Its this time of the year again... where we make resolutions that we dont intend to keep but... sha its fun so here's mine

1. Start shaving
i've always had a beard since... well since when i noticed it, so i want to try clean shaving for a while, changing my look from OSAMA to.......

2. Get Serious With My Studies
Now... its not as if im not serious... but i want to start reading earlier than usual or normal which is like two weeks to my exams.

3. Try and find true love...again or at least be in a serious relationship
Yeah... love realy sucks but the funny thing about not being in love is that you start missing....... things like companionship etc. Anyway i just hope this will last longer than my last one (roughly four and a half months)

4. Get Spiritual
Ive not been serious in that aspect, so now i want to cut back on the parties, clubbing... and face my GOD (as in... spending some quality time with him)

5. Be a nicer person
Please its not as if im not nice in fact, im often described aas a very nice guy but i still have my 'moments' so thats what i want to work on

6. Cut back on the video games
..... no comment

7. Graduate with nothing less than a 2.1 (amen)
well... (cough) my department (economics and statistics, uniben) is one of the worst departments in the university second to biochemistry..... so you get the gist. so (quoting 2face) "no shaking, nothing deh happen"

8. Be more prudent
now.. im more of a compulsive spender, i hope to work on that

9. Work on my physique
Eat well, avoid starchy foods and rest well

10. Be more positive
...this speaks for itself

well hope im able to keep these 10 for now sha.......

Monday, December 29, 2008

My first entry...

Topic 1
Introducing myself to the world
This is my first time blogging, though I often read and comment on other peoples bloggs occasionally, I never realy thought I could do it but lack of anyone else to pour my crazy and sometimes weird ideas and experiences and also access to one yahoo boys wireless lan (ehem… you cant blame me for seizing this opportunity if na you nko… but (clearing my throat ) I plan to subscribe to a wireless network very soon).

Anyway, using some questions we often see when signing up for things online with a twist of mine I will try as much as possible to answer some questions about myself

Name – Scarletboy… for now

Age – 22

Sex – male

Height – 6 - 6’1 depending on the tape rule (there was a time I was put at 5’9)

Relationship status – single (…for now though, I fel im not ready to get back into the whole dating thing after my last experience…long story)

Educational level – im a university undergraduate, schooling presently in uniben, unibest, unibend…(pick your choice)

Nationality – Naija to the core!!!

Location – Benin (when school is in session) and lagos (During the holls)

Tribe – im from edo state

Religious Belief – Christianity

Spoken languages – English and Naija English(pigin), yeah I know it kinda sucks but im seriously trying to learn my mother tongue

Types of music I love listening to – comedy , jazz , blues , r&b and when im realy worked up rock
Movies im in to – any thing nice showing at the cinema (when im on hols) but preferably comedy, action and a dash of romance

Income Level – being a typical African im not supposed to disclose this but if you must know…….why u wan know self?

Reasons for blogging – oh boy oh… lets see (1) I love writing or used to love writing and someone told me to rediscover this long lost gift I have taken it upon myself to blog (kinda lame ain’t it)

Hobbies – Lawn Tennis (till I broke my arm), soccer (till I lost a toe nail), swimming (till I nearly drowned at the lagos Sheraton hotels and towers pool), so im preety much stuck with what everyone says (the usual) reading my James Patterson novels, making friends (still trying it out), taking long and interesting drives at night, being a pest and nusance to all my friends (and boy are they few… don’t know why, keep loosing a couple of em now and then) and in time I hope blogging

Likes – good looking girls, funny movies, pizza, ham burgers (I could kill for em), my PS2 (yeah im a retired game freak/addict…though im still in game rehab), my mobile phone (don’t know how I survived for so long without one in short I recommend whoever invented em for a nobel prize),my iPod, my laptop, nice people who don’t make you feel like shit when you talk to em and free things

Things im addicted to – coke, cartoons, my phone, ipod, ps2, laptop, SLEEP!!!

Dislikes – snitches, most of my lecturers and classmates (you wont understand till ur in my class), naija home videos (gosh my fellowship drama unit can act better than some of the crap ive seen on tv), being broke, people who cant stop making excuses,dull guys, tear eyed girls and especially BANKY W!!!(if someone shoots him any time soon just know that’s me!)

Most used phrase – for now ‘as in’

What I love most about myself – my height and ive been told I have a killer smile though I don’t believe it… you be the judge of that

Describe my personality in one sentence – blunt, weird, annoying creative, nice nasty…..

Plans for the future – hmm….. don’t realy know yet (yeah I know, very sad) though im thinking about either enlisting in NDA after completing my uni education or furthering my edu as in masters and stuff
So, that’s all about me for now