Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My last post for the year 2009

Gosh its been a while, a lot and I mean a lot has happened since my last post, let’s see… I’ve lost my urge to blog these days, its funny cos I start typing and halfway I just loose inspiration, don’t know why, my friends say its cos I have short attention span (whatever that means?). so im listening to something by t.i, and I just decided to type a rundown of 2009...

So I have finally made reasonable progress in my project (thank God) im in chapter 4 of 5, not bad for one months work… should have finished oh, but u know how it is now… I wish I had a sorta deadline… I long for the whip lashing days of secondary school, trust me, if I were still in secondary school ehn, I would have finished this project in less than a week! anyway i have promised myself that I must finish on or before the end of January. Before i get carried away, this is supposed to be a rundown of my year. 2009… was a year of events, I finally saw what it means firsthand to date a hot head/ unstable girl with a lot of issues/baggage, gosh, that’s one experience I don’t ever pray to have again, had a real test of friendship and… failed (sad but true), reached my all time record low financially and emotionally, (damn u global economic crisis) and my family passed through some difficulties but its good to say that at the end, we came out smiling, my academics have also been good, though I have some lecturers that have issues… sha that’s a story for another day, friends were made and lost, relationships were re established and/or severed all together, finally got over my X, nearly had an accident driving papa c's car (hey, was a mechanical thing, the brakes failed, u go fear drifting now...), still discovering my writing skills (yeah, i know it sucks, but im working on it, i need some serious inspiration...

So I have been making some resolutions and frankly, before I tell u, I want to take stock of the resolutions I made for this year

1. Start shaving - hmm… didn’t keep to that one, still have like 2 weeks growth ryt now.
2. Get serious with my studies – em…next…
3. Try and find true love again – im still trying to wangle my way out of a relationship right now
4. Get spiritual – hmm… failed In that aspect
5. Be a nicer person – really worked on that this year
6. Cut back on the video games – like I said earlier, no comment
7. Graduate with nothing less than a 2.1 – well, book no easy oh… lets wait and see, but im seriously working on it
8. Be more prudent – hehehe failed woefully in this aspect
9. Work on my physique - hmm… except una wan make I turn toothpick
10. Be more positive – funny enough, out of all my resolutions, this was one I kept

Resolutions for 2010

1. Value and appreciate my friends more
2. Still work on my grades
3. Work on my religious life
4. Be a better person
5. Spend less on credit
6. Take up a sport, im thinking basketball
7. Blog more
8. Be more open to people
9. Discharge any excess baggage in my life (people especially)
10. Watch how I drink, seriously, its getting outa hand
11. Be happy no matter what im going through

Hmm… hope i adhere to these resolutions, I plan to make others up as I go
on a final note, just when i thought this year couldnt be stranger (our being without a president for over a month) one punk ass decided to misbehave on xmas day, 2009 ehn, was a year of events but in everything i thank God for everything that happened. the good, the bad and the downright ugly (and i mean UGLY!!). im seriously looking forward to 2010, i hope, no, i know that its going to be full of drama, suspense and... lets just say that i know its going to be a great year!!!