Monday, September 28, 2009

I don tire...

Gosh, it’s been sooooo loooooooooong!!! Sorry, I have been sooooooo lazy, can you imagine, I’m too lazy to eat, sleep, hang out, and take a shower (just joking) in short ASUU has turned me to a zombie. Suffered a serious bout of depression some weeks ago, I was very sad, saw all my friends and supposed classmates in private uni’s inviting me for convocations and grad parties… well like they say, it’s not by who finishes first… but it was enough to really send me into one of my moods. (sigh…) anyway, it is well… so yours truly scarlet boy has been up to no good as usual, I haven’t touched my project (too depressed to do that) and I seem to distance myself from everyone these days, I feel I’m gradually slipping into my anti-person mode, (sigh) to make matters worse, our president who by the way is the (wots the correct word…) most stupid person ever elected into public office in this country (taking a deep breath) decided in his wisdom to go to Saudi and open a university when the ones in his country are under lock and key!!!
In short I’m really depressed right now, would have been stuffing anything in my mouth right now (I eat a lot when I’m upset, strange how this never shows as my physique still remains the same) but I’m soooooooooo broke!!!
Anyway, enough of my whining, a lot of things have also happened oh…. Asin the gist plenty full ground!!! Don’t worry, I will post something juicy when I have the strength to sit up and type.
So I guess it’s just me, my new found girlfriend (my bed and her sister the pillow) and big brother Africa for now (which if I must say is by far the WORST big brother I have ever watched, its soooooooooo annoying and the housemates are so AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!) anyway, (taking a deep breath) I guess I’m not making any sense right now and will most likely delete this post when I am less depressed, but it just feels good writing/typing something even if its rubbish, so from yours truly scarlet boy its ciao
My birthday is coming up real soon, cant believe its my dad that reminded me, i actually thought i was born in november and not october as my dad was quick to point out (i don tire for uniHOUSE!!!) and on a final note, Love lives in strange places… just found that out…

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yeah... I SAID IT!!!

One thing about me is that i hardly get angry about things i see or hear, ive sorta developed a hard skin especialy when it comes to religious things cos like they say one mans meat is another ones poison, but a friend of mine told me about something a man of God did and it realy set me off, here goes

The man of God was giving a testimony about how God touched one brother to give him a car an all and after recieving the car told the brother to his face that though the lord instructed him (the brother) to donate his car that he would recieve it because of the lord but not drive it because it was beneath his standard. i was so pissedthat the man of God could actualy say this to the poor mans face and still tell his members in his church, was he expecting a standing ovation for doing a wonderful job? pardon my writing style and especialy my spellings, i havent been mad like this over something in a while and i may just be ranting but somehow i hope you get the message, this piece is my small observation on some things realy bugging me about our so called men of God, (gulp) enjoy...

He came in with a sirens blaring, guns locked and loaded and a trailer load of menacing looking mobile police men (mopol). Ordinarily, one would have thought that he was a dignitary or even a state governor judging the kind of cars he had in his convoy, a series of hummer H3 cars with him riding in the latest Mercedes jeep but alas, when the convoy finally stopped at the hall where the meeting was supposed to take place, out came a “man of God” (for obvious reasons I will not mention any ones name). Now one would have thought the man of god would at least appreciate his members/followers who braved the scorching sun to see him, for where, if you se the way our overzealous mopol were flogging with whips and pushing people away to make way for him as if they were a group of smelling bums, and the man of God seeing all this could not even caution his security aides but instead calmly walked inside the hall. I saw the video on my friend’s phone (he happened to be there to record it) and I was appalled! Why is it that the so called men of God whom are supposed to be the. A special fund was raised later on that semester to buy the same pastor a car, and I was like, why would I contribute my hard earned money towards buying a car for a pastor whose children (if he has any) will never suffer as long as the church is still in existence, who “jands like someone uses the toilet everyday”, why?
An article some time in a local newspaper described how a man of God had purchased a private jet amongst other things and questioned the rationale behind such a costly purchase and trust Nigerians, there was no name they didn’t call the columnist the next day, from the ant-Christ to a true born son of Satan! One member even gave a reason for the purchase, he said that it’s cheaper to use a private jet than to fly commercial, and since the “pastor” was always on the move, it was more of a necessity for him to have a private jet. Now I dont work at the airport, but everyone knows that it has and will always be more expensive to have a private plane compared to flying commercial, first of all you have to pay for the hangar that will house it, then pilots, engineers to service it constantly, the air hostesses, aviation fuel (which is freaking expensive), the airport authority to license the plane, landing fee at every airport you visit amongst other costs… compared to the cost of buying a first class ticket, I mean. An online aviation magazine e-how stated that the price of a good private jet would cost between $6 - $50 million, the cost of fuel for a four hour trip was from $30,000 apart from determining the size and flying range of the jet, other factors such as parking lot, landing fees, insurance, fueling, catering, crew and pilots are also identified as expensive necessities. E-How further revealed that aircraft management companies would require between $100000 to $200000 per year to take careof these needs depending on the size and usage of the jet.
Now in not victimizing or trying to paint these people black, I LOVE my God and try as much as possible to adhere to what the scripture says about how to live and all and seriously think some men of God are doing a really good Job but so many of them leave us asking a lot of questions than answers, and people always say “you don’t question a man of God” but I think the time has come for us to begin to ask questions, if I am a member of a fellowship or church and my pastor is living lavishly when I know his income is soley from the church and especialy if his status was not like this some time. why cant my pastor be called to answer on how he spends the finances of the churchJesus the son of God was very humble, the word christian sinply means christ like, so why dont these men of God emulate christ instead of terrorising their members with their fleet of expensive and constantly changing cars that most of them only see in movies... (taking a deep breath)

Now, I know religion is tied with sentiments, and most times people are often touchy when issues like this are brought up. If my history is correct, I remember the in middle ages, the monks and priests rose from being simple men of God to become worse than the kings and nobility in power, in terms of their level of corruption and materialism. But for once, lets set sentiments aside, be very rational and start asking questions because lets face it these are questions we are scared to voice out most times and frankly, it looks as if these men of God are now taking us for a ride, well… I SAID IT!!!!

Whats up with our so called super eagles??? i mean what the **** happened in abuja today?