Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Mussings......

Time flies... I finally finished my exams on Monday only to hear that the great ASUU had decided to go on an indefinite strike, and trust unibend, the school cleared in a couple of hours... thankfully, I was able to write my last paper for the semester thanks to Prof. Okojie’s (a.k.a MADDAM) influence... so after exams me and the guys decided to hang out over a copula beers and just chill, little did I know that I was to become the main issue that night. It turns out that moi, scarlet boy has not been doing well to his friends and generally making a fool of himself in the name of love (if it can be called that). Hard and cold accusations backed up by facts that even I couldn’t deny, and so I've been shown the correct path, but the simple truth of that night was that I found out that I have true friends who might not take a bullet for me but were willing to look me dead in the eye and tell me my mistakes (which truly I never knew were that much) and the way forward, and for that I’m truly grateful, it took a lot of guts.

Now thanks to ASUU, I’ve been reduced to a very jobless individual, with lots of sleep, sleep and more sleep!!! But like a "scholar" (I claim it) I have my mind on my project and my project on my mind. I can’t even imagine that I haven’t even started; this goes to show how serious Mr. Scarlet boy is!

I’ve been wanting to ask a general question, why is it that when a guy wants a gal so bad and he shows such likeness, she mostly shuns him but when that moment has passed and the guy has gotten over her, that sorta likeness now starts coming from her own end? The same applies to the guys. Now I have thought about it time and time again and I want to clarify the question by giving 3 examples using myself as a case study.

Case1 – the ex…

I dated a gal sometime last year and thought we were in love (if that truly exists) all for us to end cos according to her (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in one of my previous posts)she couldn’t cope with the distance and stuff (she was in Lagos and I was based in Benin as per school and all) and I'm not ashamed to say this any time any day, I practically begged to work something out (although the fault was mine cos I broke up with her first and all) and she declined saying all sorta things and giving all type of excuses. So I did the hardest thing, I let her go and got a grip of my life, in other words, I moved on. Now my own version of moving on is no calls, txt messages, no sympathy visits and such. I just keep my distance, and so like a month ago, I get a message from her telling me how much she’s been missing me and then the calls keep coming and I'm like ki lo de? This is someone I haven’t seen or hasn’t bothered to call me and stuff telling me this and that whether we can still work things out and stuff (ok, she wasn’t that direct but I got the message) and what comes to mind is that, why did it take you more than a year to remember that you missed me and stuff? Or wasn’t the grass greener over there?

Case 2 – The Friend…

Now, this gal goes into my list of maybe’s. Now because of this chic, I broke one of my most sacred rules of dating aside from dating a friend’s sister which is dating the ex of a friend. Now, before you start criticizing me and stuff let me explain. We were close in our year one but from 2 we drifted apart to the hello, hi kind of guys. Anyway, the babe became friendly and stuff and trust Scarlet boy, I became friendly too, as they say, you cant have too many friends. After a while, I noticed that she was becoming more than friendly and we talked about that and she said and I quote "it doesn’t matter", I talked about it with my friends and they also gave me the green light, so like any red blooded guy, I "did well", I started showing her attention and stuff and all went well till the day I finally asked her out and after stalling asked me about my friend and I was like see me see trouble, I asked you this question some time ago and there was nothing wrong with the whole idea of us getting close, but now when I’m loving up, you are asking me about him. the next thing she said was for me to give her some time, since we were in the festive season as in, December and all, so I gave her till the new year to decide and boy did she have her answer then, I quote "scarlet boy, I really like you but my friends are saying that our going out is a bad idea" and that ended it. That was 2 years ago. I called her sometime last week to ask how exams and all had been for her and she was all missing and stuff and I was like what the... this is someone that downright rejected me and even a very reliable source told me that if I was to ask her out right now, she would readily agree, and I'm like???

Case 3 – The not too smart guy…

Now I never believed I would turn down someone in my life, enter... what shall I call her... ok lets call her B. Now, B came at a time when all was going well for me, I wasn’t as broke as I am these days, the chicks were all liking me and stuff and generally, I felt like I had the whole world at my feet. Then came my secret admirer, she started by calling and stuff and when that didn’t work, she asked for a meeting, we met and I saw that she was...ok... but since I had seen other chicks that had more "prospects" so I shunned her, avoided her and even when she gave herself to me on a platter of gold, I turned her down. In short, I was a complete asshole. Now I’ve been thinking of her of late, I think its because I see her friend like everyday (she’s my neighbor) so I met her online last week and we got chatting and stuff and I just started feeling things I normally didn’t feel for her before, it was like someone opened a reservoir and my emotions tumbled out, I told her my mind and she simply sent a laughing smiley and the next thing I see is a picture of her kissing another guy, and I was like what the???

Now using the given examples, what do you think is wrong with people or to bring it home, what is wrong with the people I meet, its either they realize too late that they like me ormyself realizing that I like them too late or… it’s as if like the poem I posted in an earlier post, I'm confused, they are confused and in short we are all a bunch of confused people.

I'm outa here.


I'm developing a crush on someone, its now so bad that I now have dreams of her, please miss… whoever you are, where can I see you again (she’s gone home thanks to ASUU, oh my bed’s so gonna be cold for a while lol).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Tip Of The Iceberg...

Exams, exams, exams… this is by far the most stressful exams Unibend has conducted first, there was the ASUU strike (don’t get me started on that…) that ended in them shifting my exams forward by 2 weeks, about what I did in those two weeks, hmm… another story for another day. And unibend in their own bendly way decided to make things more interesting. After a week of exams, they issued a circular stating that the exams will be ending the upper week!!! U go fear rushing now, some people had two exams on the same day, which was not like a new thing for my class since in our year 1 they made us write 3 exams on the same day! Others had on Sunday, SUNDAY!!!
And so my department, the one and only (in their small minds) economics and statistics decided that they were tired of using their lecturers as invigilators (like we even have up to 15 lecturers) and decided to use the non teaching staff as in, secretaries, drivers and so on to invigilate. Trust my classmates, there were ecstatic looking for the best possible option, whether E’pa or his crew were involved (now, E’pa is…how do I put this… a serious runs man, he works for the former HOD or the current HOD anyway, when E’pa has your back, boy are you covered. He is very helpful when it comes to re-arranging ur seatmates and all…) anyway these non academic staff virtual turned our halls into market places where using of chuckuli a.k.a. missiles, bomb, bullets, expo… were fully sanctioned, with a price of course.
Anyway my exams have turned me to a vampire or a nocturnal creature and trust students now, during exams there’s no available space for reading night or day and so my favorite reading spot, pharmacy a.k.a. bedbugville became infested with the serious, the unserious and the clowns who just come to class to constitute or sleep as if they don’t have homes… Anyway yesterday, I was at one bouka like that trying to satisfy my tummy before reading when something very funny happened. Now, girls before you look at me as a hater or something let me say this I LOVE GIRLS, frankly, I don’t know what we guys will ever do without u guys but sometimes una deh FUCKUP!!! Now like I said I was in a bouka eating and grumbling on the quantity of the food compared to the price I was paying then these two guys walked in with two girls in tow, now these girls had chicken republic take away packs with them and I guessed that they were just from there cos the girls were still eating their ice cream like some 2 year olds and really flaunting their packs. Now for those of you who don’t know, sorry to say the typical unibend girl is…HUNGRY!! Open a new joint and you see all of them looking for a potential maga that will take them out… anyway like I was saying, the guys sat down and ordered for food, and I was like ki lo de? Are you guys not from chicken republic, what are you doing in a bouka? Abi food don finish for that side? And while the girls ate their chicken and chips, the guys were busy with their 100 naira a plate rice, the sad part was that the girls finished their chicken and chips, asked for spoons and joined these guys to eat their small food, I overheard one of the guys saying that the food in chicken republic porges him and its only at boukas that he can eat without fear and I was like shey I resemble small pikin weh una go deh throw this kind lie for abi? Time to pay, the guys were out of money and when they asked the girls, trust the typical unibend girl, she said she didn’t have any money on her. Now, ask me how much they asked for, 50 naira and I was like for Gods sake how wont you have money with you!!! I just couldn’t take it any more, I had to leave before I would be “led by the spirit” to say something. Now why do girls do this, you make yourself so cheap in the eyes of guys. I remember a date I had with a girl some time back, at the end of lunch (it was at a respectable restaurant by the way) we were actually fighting for who would pay the bill, I had to convince her to pay for the taxi that would take us home at the end before she let go. Believe me girls, its things like this that trips a responsible guy, not one who is in it for the “wiping” I’m yet to see this in unibend, when a girl will just decide to spoil her boyfriend for a day, I have come across a lot of girls in my 4 years here and anytime I ask this, the response I get is “why will I spend for a guy”? or “guys are supposed to take care of us” what happened to the saying you girls readily quote “what a man can do, a woman can do better” does it not apply here or you use it at your own convenience, the girls over here (unibend) need to change their mentality and know that life is not about me! me! Me!!!, others are also involved, life is not always about the fast lane. Rolling with the car owners, gong clubbing and shit. There are times you should actually ask “what the fuck am i doing in school!!” a sad story was of the girls who because of a party left the school at past 2 am and headed to town to flex and ended up being sex slaves for the night. All for partly sums or no money at all, I mean has it come to that, that the typical unibend girl is known for one or 3 things, a very serious girl (10%), a nymphomaniac (60%) or a full blown… you do the maths. we really have a long way to go in this great school…
I’m finally finishing my exams on Monday next week and I’m so so tired, I pray I don’t have a nervous or a health breakdown soon with all the stress im going through right now!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Judgement Day...

(Gong, gong, gong…) the bell fag rings the bell for the last wake up call this session, gradually the school comes alive with junior students scurrying like rats, rushing to get water and trying in vain to look for their missing items (clothes, buckets and all…) shouts of “hey that junior boy!” rent the air as the lazier senior students look for an unfortunate junior student to get water or do demeaning chores for them (trust me, if u don’t think washing somebody’s boxers isn’t demeaning then…).
This was the scene every last day of the term but the highpoint was at the end of the session. I remember my time as a junior student. I dreaded this day because of the amount of work, gosh! We had to make sure the hostel was spick and span (hope I got that right, anyway I isn’t no English student jare... ) where was I… ehem, the seniors would pair us and make us do stupid things like slap ourselves, burst or pick their pimples like some lower primates if not that, there was the massage session or washing spree! But we did all this with gladness knowing it was only a matter of hours before school would officially be on break and all elements of seniority would end (at least for a month…) but like all things good, there was a bad side to the last day of the session, that was the day you got to see your result for the term and session and know if you were going to the next class or not. It was popularly known as “judgment day”. Now unlike many of you guys that went to “crème” schools, where your teachers first talked to you before giving you your result, which was usually in a sealed envelope and shit… my school announced the people that moved on to the next class, got promoted on trial, repeated, and those that were asked to withdraw from the school. Most times you never knew where you stood till they had passed your class. I remember my last judgment day vividly… I was in ss1, and we had been hearing rumors about the new rule that only allowed people with 6 credits and above including math’s and English to be promoted (believe me they enforced things like this to the letter, I’m a living example but that’s another story for another day…) anyway, and since yours truly sucked at math’s (back then if I may add) I was among the many students that prayed throughout the night for a miracle (ok, let me be honest, like 10 minutes, but that was a big step for me then). So by 12pm, the bell fag rang the bell for the special parade and after the long prayers and talks by different members of staff we got down to the main business of the day (now we always prayed something would happen to our commandant or the weather would make things easy for us, although there was this one time in my Jss2 that it rained throughout the day but trust my kill joy commandant, he made us do it by 7pm that evening!)
Commandant – “yes the name of those to repeat in jss1 silver”
Students – groan
And he went on and on till he got to my class…
Commandant –“ss1 emerald. Out of a class of 40, we have 32 people that passed, 8 repeat and 2 to withdraw”
Scarlet boy – “please God!”
Commandant –“those to repeat are as follows…”
Scarlet boy – “I’ll be good. I’ll give alms to the poor, I’ll stop being greedy, I’ll start going to church on Sundays! Ooh I’ll be soo GOOD!!!”
Commandant – “Number 1…”
Scarlet Boy – PLEASE GOD!!!!

And so the torture went on, believe me those 2 or so minutes were like 10 years, it was as if time stood still, everywhere was quiet with the occasional shriek or sobs by people whose name had been called, it was till he moved on to the next class that I actually realized that I made it! I gave a very big YES!! (That earned me 12 strokes of the bulalla or fan belt I really don’t remember) and hugs and kisses (yeah right, that sounded nice) to all my classmates for successfully moving on to the next class.
Yeah that was some day.

im starting exams on wednesday, thanks to ASUU. and im so not ready!! sha God Deh