Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I No Want Again!!!!!!

Dear God,
I know its been a while since we last talked and all and I wish I could think of a reason why I refused to stay in touch but doing that would just amount to excuses so I want to say im sorry and I will try to do better.
I know there was a time my dad A.K.A Papa C thought I was gay and even I had my doubts about my sexuality cos I just seemed to roll with guys and never with girls and so I came to you in prayer and asked that you create a change in my life and sorta make me get over my girlifobia or just make girls talk to me, notice me and stuff so we might at least have a civil conversation or just get over my whole shyness issue (yeah… that was a while back). But Gog, u see…….. I have come again, not like the proverbial oliver twist looking for more but to complain cos thete is a problem, now don’t get me wrong, I thank you for answering my prayer (which when I think of it, was kinda lame in the first place) but like psalm 23 v….. the part that says something about a cup running over…… will find the exact verse, yes, my cup now runs over, I now need a tanker to contain the spill over. It was ok or even cool when a total stranger walked up to me and we just started chatting, now this almost seems to happen everywhere I go, markets, school, church, when I use the bus, just name it. Now it has extended to girls asking me out, now while I don’t frown on the idea of a chic asking me out (I think its real sexy) and while I also think the tables should be reversed once in a while u know and before I sound over dramatic like my sister in-law, its happened over 20 times this year alone, I think I get hit on by girls more than the way an average girl gets hit on by guys, now its scary because now married women, cousins, friends girlfriends for no reason find me attractive enough to want to have something with (trust me, I know im not, contrary to what some people think, the face that stares at me outa the mirror isn’t and im sticking with my mirror). Now, while I thought this was just… I don’t know… normal??! I got the scare of my life when I went to fill my teeth sometime this year and the cashier (who claimed to be very spiritual and almost went into the seminary to become a priest) loked at me and said my spirit is very strong and that he’s very sure that its girls that follow you and not the other way around (cue: dumb silence) he further went on to call me oga, master etc… now if it was in my room, no problem, but imagine telling you this in a crowded payment room in a general hospital… now you get the picture.
Now that ive stated my case gear God, I want you to please let this cup pass over me, I know it was cool back when uni chicks were all on my case but now I have some peoples mothers/wives, cousins, friends chicks and even some under aged minors like one 14 year old gal that called me up 2 weeks ago, I’ve changed my number to no avail, they always seem to get my number no matter what I do. I thought it was my soap (irish springs) and changed it to dettol to no avail, I thought it was my body lotion (nivea) and changed it to Vaseline still to no avail… so im please asking that this blessing please pass to other areas of my life like my finances, favour in the labour market but please put a cap like BP put a cap on the oil well in the gulf of new mexico on this blessing, weaken my strong spirit before I do something desperate like go to T.B Joshua for deliverance or something and maybe you could divert this blessing to some people I know, u know the contents of my heart so you know who im talking about so I don’t need to name names….
Thank you for answered prayers, yours faithfully,



Loooool!! I'm sure God himself will b rollin on d floor wt laughter after reading dis...... Hmm! So u think ur gettin 2 much attention abi? Some guys wld giv their right eye 2 b in ur shoes ooo

scarletboy said...

abi, let them come and carry this cross from me ooh... long time, hope ur good?

rayo said...

ha, im gonna get on my knees ryt now. so God answers those types of prayers. hahaha.
sorry o. enjoy it while it lasts, and please blog some more about it. some good is coming out of it, laughter for me :D

scarletboy said...

Lol... Will do that as soon as possible, there's just so much going on in my life right now, I will resume my blogging as soon as I have settled my "issues" thanks for the vote of confidence tho...