Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Time: 7:00, Location: CSSJ.

I was back in ss2 in the mighty, it was a Tuesday morning and while other students were getting ready for classes and all, u trust me now… I was there gisting with other students when suddenly the bell went for breakfast and there was pandemonium the next thing I know I was looking for how to iron my uniform but the damn iron was seriously messing up, either the cord was too short or there was something wrong with the surface I wanted to iron on. While I was thinking of what to do the next thing I heard was the voice of Mrs. Awe and Mr. Sunday (of blessed memory) counting down from 10 for everybody to leave the hostel, so see me with soap suds and all on my head and but ass naked running round the dorm trying desperately to avoid these two terrors (I don’t know why these two people scared the hell outa me back then and still do till this very day) the next thing I see feel a presence behind me as I’m hiding behind a really big wooden locker, someone grabs me and… I wake up in a cold sweat! My heard beating like I had been running for ages and for the next 20 minutes I had to convince myself that I wasn’t still in secondary school, I mean it was so bad that I still smelt the soap suds and had to repeatedly check if there really was soap on my head!

I have played that fateful day over and over again in my head and I don’t know why I have goose bumps whenever I think of it or other horrible experiences (cold shudder) anyway, things haven’t been that great and as hard as I want to write something nice, rosy or cheerful, doing that will be a lie cos of the way I feel.

Now if you’ve followed this blog by now you should know that I’m not the most optimistic person in the world and all but if I knew that life after school would be like this ehn… let me keep that thought to myself. So I’m halfway out of school, I say halfway because although I’ve seen my final results (I aced them by the way) I’m yet to do my clearance. Why you might ask me? Well… my department in their inept way didn’t send some of our names to the screening committee on time and that in turn led to the clearance of some of my classmates while the others (which I happen to fall under as usual) are still waiting for our screening certificates before we can now proceed for clearance (sigh) and service has been shifted till November for the whole department, I mean, by all logical means, if one finishes exams in February or early march why cant he/she serve in July like all other sane departments? Anyway, back to me, so I have all this time on my hand and im like, ok, look at the bright side, use the spare time to do something in NIIT, but im stuck in Benin till I finish my clearance I mean, this schooldoes not want to let me go oh, see me, see trouble! So to while away time too I decided to get a job and show papa c that I’m responsible and all and all the places ive gone to so far have been discouraging, I mean, why would some people who have respectable firms and all offer a graduate N15,000 a month or N20,000 for marketing? I work my ass off getting customers or telling the public about ur products and I get a lousy N20,000? I mean lets be fair. So I’ve decided to remain at home till I get an offer that doesn’t make me feel like im an illiterate! Abi what do u think?

On a final note, good luck to the super chickens, sorry eagles in south Africa, hope they bring back the cup (ROTFLMAO)




Dude, first of all.....congrats ooh! Welcome 2 d club...lol.
Ur complainin abt goin 2 service november.... Ur lucky o!...lol. In my own case, i finished my final exams july last year, saw my results january dis year, n goin for service next month which is exactly a year after graduation!!! No thanks 2 Lasu. So just thank God dat ur gon wait just a few months ooo!... Meanwhile goodluck wit gettin a job worth d pay o, cos employers pull a lot of 'trashy stunts' in terms of 'pay' these days. U cld just use d 'wait period' 2 improve on ur skills n anything u love 2 do cos it cld b an added advantage later later!... Lastly, welcome back 2 blogsville...lol. Av fun

scarletboy said...

@NYKAYTCHEE, thanks a lot, have a friend in your set (lasu, economics) and i've been feeling sorry for him... well its the price one pays when they decide to go to our public schools... i will keep in mind that some people have it worse than me when i decide to..... about my department. thanks again, will do my best to stay this time around, lol