Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the lost mojo

Ok ok.... I know I promised I was gonna be back soon, sorry I took this long, really don't have any excuse I just lost my writing/blogging mojo that's all, till trying to find it but in a place like akure where nothing happens.......
So I'm currently out of work now, yeah, one wonders how a corps member will be out of a job, I also wonder myself, my boss has been a real pain in the ass, I mean there have been times I just look at him and imagine pushing him out of the office window or putting poison in his tea, the guys just arrrrrrrrrrrh!!!!!!! And after 6 months of pushing me around, the final straw that broke my back came in the form of the ongoing election. Now as you all know, corps members are supposed to serve as electoral officers, I expected my boss to know, hell he claims to be a politician and all so it shouldn't come as news to him, lo and behold wen I told this man I was to leave the next day for inec training, the dude asked me to choose between my job and the inec ish, I mean weighing 5000 naira a month working for that ingrate and 35000 in 3 days working as an electoral officer, u rily don't ave to ask for my choice, I so ditched his ffice, makes me wish I brought some spray paint to spray the doors or something, mschew! Like I said earlier I've lost my mojo and hope to get it back soon, until then its urs truly scarletboy!

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