Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday blues...

Happy Birthday to me, Yes ME SCARLETBOY!!! Am gradually edging towards my mid 20’s now (damn, I feel old) asin… I can still remember those days… (a dreamy look in my eyes) anyway, that’s another story for another day, so, birthdays for me have always been fun but this year ehn… let’s just say that I DON’T advise anyone to spend their birthday alone cos e no just make sense at all, trust me I nearly went loco on Sunday, it was just me, a bottle of Teroldego Rotaliano (obviously taken from Papa C’s stash) and my thots and trust me that’s the worst combination on a day that’s supposed to be fun, the only person I expected stood me up asin who does that on ur birthday!? Well we deh see like that sha, the only good thing was that my friends that couldn’t be at my place decided to bombard my facebook page phone and mail with birthday wishes, gosh I felt sooooooo special especially when I read what people had to say about me in my mails and text messages… I was near tears (sniff).
I’ve finally decided to resume (school that is), guess im tired of staying at home (im surprised im actually admitting this!!)or cos im getting broke or could it be that… sha ive decided to go back to unibend and face my final semester. And on a final note, I want to thank God for allowing me add another year to my life, for my family and wonderful friends and lastly you guys reading this blog!


BSNC said...

Happy belated birthday, friends always have a funny way of making you feel better.

I thhought uniben has not resumed yet, hope you are good sha.

Myne Whitman said...

Belated birthday wishes and many happy returns. Just found your blog, I was looking for the major hostels on UNIBEN. Thanks

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